Reserve your Cubacel Top-Up with promotion

reserve cubacel promotion

At doctorSIM you can now reserve your top-ups in advance and receive them with the carrier’s promotions when available!

We have enabled a new option for Cubacel, which has some of the best and most exciting promotions on the market.

Starting from today, you can reserve your Cubacel Top-up, and receive it the next 22nd February with an extra bonus of 1000 CUC if you top up 500 CUC or more.

This option will be available with all future promotions from Cubacel, so that you could reserve your refill and don’t miss any promotion.

There is no limit of reserves, and you can get this service from anywhere in the world. Here are the steps to reserve your Cubacel airtime with doctorSIM:

  1. Go to doctorSIM Top Up Phone, choose the prefix for Cuba (+53), and type the Cubacel phone number you want to refill
  2. Choose the ‘Cubacel Promo’ from the carrier list to reserve your Cubacel refill with the promotion, and receive it on 22nd February with an extra bonus of 1000 CUC (for refills starting from 500 CUC or more)
  3. Select the amount you want to top up. On screen, you can see the balance to be received when the promotion is activated. You can access this top-up promotion for Cubacel both through the reservation before 22nd February, and during the promotion, by purchasing a normal top-up (by selecting Cubacel as carrier from the list), until 27th February.

Characteristics Cubacel promotion:

  • Refilling 500 CUC or more, you receive 1000 extra CUC for free.
  • It applies to all 500 CUC top-ups, up to a maximum of 1250 CUC.
  • The additional bonuses are independent of the balance of the top-up, you will receive the same bonus regardless of the fact that you top up 50 CUC or 1250 CUC.
  • The bonus is valid 30 days since you refill.
  • You can top up as many times as you want to, and receive multiple bonuses, as well as the maximum limit is not reached for each main account and for the bonus (175000 and 125000 CUC respectively).
  • The bonus is used first, then the active plans and bolsa Nauta, and last the main balance.
  • Usage exceptions for the bonus: use of email bolsa, MMS sent, Mobile Data Services (Mobile Internet).

More information: Cubacel Top-Up 

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