Can I unlock a blacklisted phone?

Unlock a blacklisted phone

Many customers ask us if it is possible to unlock a blacklisted phone.

Short answer… of course it is!

Long answer… Yes, you can unlock a blacklisted phone, but even if you unlock it, you won’t be able to use all its features until you remove it from the blacklist. For example, if your phone is on the blacklist, you will probably be able to surf the Internet and send SMS, but but you won’t be able to make calls.

Let’s see why.

Difference between blacklist and network blocking

As explained here, “blacklisted” is not the same as “network locked”.

A network lock is something network carriers impose on the phones they sell so that the buyer can only use their cell phones with that specific network. It can be very easily removed and won’t cause any risk to your device.

Blacklisting a device, on the other hand, is an additional security mechanism that the original network carrier of the phone activates when situations of non-payment, loss or theft are detected. This prevents the phone from continuing to be used until the situation is resolved.

To remove a phone from the blacklist, the original owner of the phone must talk to the network carrier that included it there and ask them to take it out, by paying any outstanding debts if necessary.

How to know if a cell phone is blacklisted?

It is very easy to find out if a cell phone has been blacklisted. And what’s more… it’s totally free! All you need is an email address (to receive the result) and the phone’s IMEI, a 15-digit code that will appear when you dial *#06# on the call screen.

You will receive the answer in less than 5 minutes and yes, 100% free of charge. What are you waiting for?

In short…

Unlocking a blacklisted phone is possible as they are different kinds of locks. However, unlocking it will not remove it from the blacklist, so you may not be able to use the phone normally.

More information: Unlock cell phone, Free Blacklist Check.


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