How to find out how many unlocking attempts my BlackBerry has remaining

Knowing how many unlocking attempts your BlackBerry has remaining is an important step to take prior to permanently unlocking it.

Once you know this number you can request your unlocking code through doctorSIM and have your phone unlocked in no time.

Why is this so important? If your BlackBerry has run out of unlocking attempts the code supplied by doctorSIM will not work, even if the code is valid.

As knowing the number of attempts remaining is the responsibility of the customer, we will be unable to give you a refund.

A BlackBerry phone gives you 10 unlocking attempts and you can find out how many you have remaining by following the steps below:

1.Turn on the phone without a SIM card inserted.

2. Go to Options/Advanced Options/SIM card.

3. Type MEPD (the letters will not appear on screen).

4. A hidden menu will appear: SIM, Network, Network Subset, Service Provider and Corporate.

5. Type MEPD2 and the number of unlocking attempts remaining will be displayed on screen.


More information: Unlock Your BlackBerry, IMEI Checks



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