How to sell a phone? 5 foolproof tips!

how to sell a phone

Are you looking to sell your phone so you can buy a new one? Is it finally time to upgrade to that new smartphone you’ve had your eye on for months? Do you want to make some quick money getting rid of all those old phones cluttering up your home?

doctorSIM recommends these five steps, which are applicable for all makes and models, to help you get the maximum value for your phone:

1. The first question to ask yourself is, “can I use my phone on any network in the world?”. If not, it’s almost certainly locked especially if you purchased the phone from your network provider. For instance you can check which operator your iPhone is locked to.

If you don’t wish to leave the comfort of your home, or have to survive without your phone for a few days by leaving it at a phone store, we recommend using an online unlocking service provider like doctorSIM. Fill out the form online with information on your phone and in a few days you’ll receive simple unlocking instructions by e-mail.

2. Delete all traces of your personal information and factory reset the phone. Remove your list of contacts, photo albums and all apps, videos and music you may have downloaded over time.

3. Would you like to provide added value? As you are no doubt aware, there are a lot of dodgy phones on the second-hand market. If you really want your phone to stand out, we suggest including an IMEI Check report as proof to interested buyers that your phone hasn’t been blacklisted by the GSMA.

4. Thoroughly clean the phone and spend a few minutes making it look as new as possible. Remove the protective screen and casing, ensuring you get the dirt out from underneath. If you have a case in good condition, why not give it a quick scrub and include it in the sale.

5. Now who to sell the phone to. The easiest option would be to find someone within your circle of friends or a family member, however if that’s not possible there are thousands of Consumer to Consumer (C2C) websites like eBay or eBid you can use. Alternatively, Swappa and Glyde are popular sites dedicated almost exclusively to buying and selling phones and tablets.

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