Legally and permanently network unlock your iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max

Unlock your iPhone Xs or Xs Max via IMEI with doctorSIM so you can use it on the network carrier of your choice. We unlock your iPhone remotely (Over The Air) and all we need from you is the model, network carrier, IMEI number (found by dialing *#06# on the device’s keypad), and an e-mail address so we can send you the simple step-by-step instructions you need to follow to complete the unlocking process.

With an unlocked iPhone Xs or Xs Max, you can significantly reduce your monthly phone bill, avoid having to pay extortionate surcharges when roaming abroad and increase the resale value if you ever decide to upgrade your phone in the future.

Our IMEI-based method of unlocking iPhones maintains your guarantee and is the only method officially recognized and recommended by Apple and the network carriers. You will be able to keep your Xs or Xs Max with you while we unlock it and there is no chance of the process damaging the smartphone in any way.

Unlock your iPhone Xs or Xs Max from its original operator using one of our multiple 100% secure payment options. Unlike other unlocking companies, doctorSIM does not charge a non-refundable processing fee and we will not ask you to pay more money after the initial payment has been made.

Although we recommend trying to unlock your iPhone via IMEI first, if it isn’t possible for any reason, there is an alternative solution which is just as effective. You can unlock your device with the new and improved UnlockMySIM Card 2.0 (UMS Card). The UMS 2.0 is a SIM card that will unlock your iPhone quickly and easily, allowing you to use your iPhone on any compatible network in the world.

-> UPDATE: August 2019. Due to reasons beyond doctorSIM’s control, the UnlockMySIM is no longer working and therefore unavailable for purchase. We are currently looking for a solution and will start shipping again as soon as the product is operative.

-> JANUARY 2021 UPDATE: The new UnlockMySIM version can be purchased here:  https://www.doctorsim.com/us-en/unlock-phone/iphone/ums/unlock/

All you need to do is insert the UMS 2.0 together with a code we’ll send you to unlock your iPhone. You can also update the iOS software without the iPhone re-locking.

Check out the short video tutorial below to see how easy it is to unlock your iPhone with the UMS 2.0 card:

If you require any help to unlock your iPhone either via IMEI or using the UMS 2.0 card, contact us by e-mail or come and chat with us. One of our friendly customer support agents will be more than happy to assist you.

More information: Unlock iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max via IMEI, Unlock iPhone with UMS Card.


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