How many unlock attempts does my phone allow?

how many unlock attempts

If you want to know how many unlock attempts your cell phone allows, the first thing you should be clear about is that… They are not infinite! At least not in all cases. Some phones have limited unlock attempts and it is important not to use them up, unless you want to end up with a phone that cannot be unlocked by any means.

So, of course, it’s not advisable to try it out with random numbers, as you could lock the phone forever.

If you are following doctorSIM’s unlocking instructions and you get an error, we don’t recommend insisting again and again! In this very unlikely event, please reply to the email we sent you and we’ll assist you right away. The important thing is that you don’t run out of attempts!

Also keep in mind that a possible previous owner of your phone might have used up some of them. The best way to check how many unlock attempts your phone has is to pay attention to the message displayed when inserting a SIM card from a different network carrier or to follow the instructions you can find in our Support Center.

Although generally Samsung models don’t have limited unlock attempts, the counter may run out sometimes and the handset may ask for the SIM network PUK code. If this happens, you will need to reach out to Samsung to resolve it.

Brands that usually have an internal unlock attempt counter are: Sony, BlackBerry, Nokia, LG and also some models by Huawei, Motorola or HTC.

We strongly advise you to request your unlock code from a reliable company. With doctorSIM you have total confidence, and you can also unlock your phone online, without having to take it anywhere.

If you have any additional questions about how many remaining unlocking attempts your phone has, you can contact our Customer Service Center. We’ll be thrilled to help you out!


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