Send money to Venezuela without using Zelle

Send money to Venezuela

The news regarding Zelle’s last days in Venezuela led to an increase in the send money to Venezuela services demand over the past days.

What is Zelle? It’s a money transfer service, with zero fees, as long as the sender and the receiver have an active account in the US.

These accounts are also used to send money to Venezuela, as its’ popularity has increased a lot.

The issue now is that, as Wells Fargo Bank has detected the platform was not used accordingly, starting from next 26th June, they will not allow any more transfers through Zelle.

What other options are there to send money to Venezuela?

Topping-up is one good option, because the airtime can be used not only to keep in touch with friends and relatives, but it also allows mobile payments for certain services.

If you need a safe option so recharge your friends’ and relatives’ phones in Venezuela, doctorSIM offers you the best option, with years of experience in these types of services.

Our transactions are guaranteed by the most exigent security protocols, the safest payment methods, and 100% trustworthy.

You can also use your cryptocurrency to recharge with doctorSIM, and if you don’t have a Bitcoin account yet, don’t worry, we are here to help you, and explain how to do it:

  1. According to your Operating System  of your PC/mobile phone, security preferences and your needs, you choose the best wallet. Need more information? Here you can find it.
  2. You can get your first cryptocurrencies by accepting them as payment method for goods and services, by buying them to any friend or relative or by buying them directly from a money exchange through your bank account. Check these recommendations to get your first cryptocurrencies.
  3. The final step, start using your cryptocurrency to send airtime to Venezuela.

Why is the use of this app seen as a misuse in Venezuela?

The commercial use of the platform is not allowed, as stated in their ‘’Terms&Conditions’’, and all the Venezuelan banks are expected to prohibit the use of the app for the USD transactions.

It is highly used in Venezuela, in taxis, supermarkets and smaller shops, even though an active account in the US is required. There are a lot of Venezuelan people in the US, and also a lot of them who got back to Venezuela, but kept their US accounts active, and share accounts in order to avoid USD fees, and pay a wide variety of goods and services, when their local currency is weak.

Zelle collaborates with American banks, and the main issue is that high numbers of abroad transactions have been detected, which are not paying any taxes in the US, which is overall considered unproductive for the US.

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