How to recharge Claro from abroad

Recharge Claro from abroad

With doctorSIM you can top-up your Claro online from everywhere, safe and guaranteed.

You can now send airtime to your friends and family, no matter where they are!

The usual top-up services operate within the same country, that’s why you can rely on doctorSIM to send balance online, from home, to anywhere in the world, not only to friends and family, but to your phone as well.

doctorSIM provides airtime services to hundreds of networks from all over the world, all in one place, you get exclusive offers, safe payment methods, a whole experts team ready to help you and constant follow up of your recharge.

If you care about your money, choose wisely, and avoid questionable services!

How to send Claro airtime with doctorSIM:

Based on our previous experience, we have managed to simplify the process, to make it easier for you, even from abroad.

These are the steps to send balance for any Claro phone, from everywhere:

1. Enter doctorSIM and select ’’Top Up Phone’’.

2. Make sure to choose the correct prefix, as it’s different from country to country, you can select it from the menu.

Easily choose the prefix for Claro for your country:

3. Make sure the details regarding the phone number are correct, otherwise, input it manually.

4. Choose the balance from the available options.

5. Review the cost and the airtime value to be sent.

6. Fill in the details, your name, email address and contact email.

7. Select the payment method you wish (next you can check all the necessary information on the payment methods available) and finalize your refill.

That easy! The balance will arrive shortly.

Available payment methods for Claro top-up

We have payment methods 100% secure, recommended by the legal authorities, and extremely easy to use.

You benefit from the commodity of recharging your Claro phone from home, from any country where you are in.

Here you can read more information on our payment methods and the security certificates we provide, to make you feel safe:

Review your balance with Claro

A notification is sent by doctorSIM by email once the recharge is completed, and please keep in mind that the balance might arrive in approximately 15 minutes.

To find out your balance for Claro in your country, here are the steps how to do it:

Recharge Claro ArgentinaCheck your airtime for Claro Argentina:

  • Dial *611#, and select the ‘’Saldos y Consumos’’ option.
  • Send an SMS to 611 with the word SALDO.

Recharge Claro Brazil

If you’re in Brasil, you can see your Claro Brazil remaining credit by:

  • Calling * 1052 # and choosing option 1, and the balance will be displayed, as well as the validity.
  • Sending Claro to 1052, and choosing the first option. You’ll get an SMS with the airtime and the validity.
  • Calling *555 and listening to the information or calling * 544 # and you’ll get the information on the phone’s screen.

All checks are free of charge.

Recharge Claro ChileFor Claro Chile it’s very easy to see your balance

  • Dial *103# and select option 1, and again option 1, and you’ll see the remaining  credit and the validity. If you want to check the credit for your promotions, choose the option 1 again. 

This check has a cost of 50 Chilean pesos.

Recharge Claro Comcel ColombiaFor Claro Comcel Colombia, the company provides these options:

  • For prepaid users dial *103#.
  • Postpaid customers can dial *611 and select option 1 and again option 1, or dial  *611# and choose option 3 and then 1.

Recharge Claro Costa RicaChecking your Claro Costa Rica credit you can:

  • Dial *30 from your Claro Costa Rica prepaid phone number.

Recharge Claro Porta EcuadorChecking the balance for Claro Ecuador with these options:

  • Prepaid and postpaid customers can check for free the credit by dialing *123# and option 1.
  • You can also call *282.

Recharge Claro El SalvadorFind out your credit for Claro El Salvador:

  • From your Claro phone dial *222# and option 4, or call *555# and option 6 (this option is not valid for active promotions).
  • Send the word SALDO to 72536
  • You can also choose to call *999 and option 3.

Recharge Claro GuatemalaTo check your available balance for Claro Guatemala:

  • Dial *5 from your Guatemala phone, and it costs Q1.00.

Recharge Claro Digicel HondurasGetting information on the balance for Claro Honduras is easy:

  • Call *5 or *55.
  • Dial *120# to see the balance on your phone.

Recharge Claro Virgin IslandsYou’re just one step away from being informed on your credit with Claro Virgin Islands:

  • Dial *284# and press send to view your balance.


*If you do not have this recharge available, we recommend that you leave your e-mail on the website in the section indicated for this purpose. This way, we can give priority to its incorporation and notify you as soon as it is available.

Recharge Claro Enitel NicaraguaFree steps to see how much credit you have with Claro Nicaragua:

  • Dial *55 or  *812. The first 5 checks/month are free of charge, and after you’ll be charged $0.11 (VAT included).

Recharge Claro PanamaClaro Panamá makes it easy to view the balance:

  • Dial *103# on your Claro Panamá phone.

Recharge Claro ParaguayIf you’re in Paraguay and you want to know your credit for Claro Paraguay:

  • Dial *111# or *222.
  • Send Saldo to 222.

Recharge Claro TIM PeruThe available balance for Claro Peru can be checked here:

  • For prepaid users, call  *777 – option 1 to hear the balance.
  • Dial *777# and the credit will show on your phone.
  • If you are a postpaid user, call 124 to check your balance and the validity period.

Recharge Claro Puerto RicoKnow your remaining credit with Claro Puerto Rico:

  • Dial *125# and receive a free SMS with the balance.

Recharge Claro Codetel Dominican RepublicOne simple step to check your balance left with Claro Dominican Republic:

  • Check your Claro credit by dialing *111#.

Recharge Claro UruguayThese are the steps to review the credit for Claro Uruguay:

  • Dial *611# or *888.
  • Send SALDO to 888.

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