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Recharge Tigo with doctorSIM is easier than you think, and you get all the advantages, without leaving your house. 

With us, you get the best promotions, discounts, clear information and assistance throughout the process, a fast and guaranteed service , with a whole team of experts ready to support you.

You can use the Tigo top-up service from anywhere in the world, for your phone number, or for your friends’ and family’s phone numbers. It’s a very good option to send balance to whoever might need it, or just surprise your friends and relatives.

As nowadays, it’s so important to keep your details and payment information protected, we provide you the safest payment methods, adapted to your local currencies and needs, and backed-up by the most exigent security protocols and certificates.

How to top-up Tigo with doctorSIM, step-by-step

You can top-up Tigo online, no matter where you are, through our website, quick and easy, as we provide services for all countries where Tigo has coverage and top-up services. Our recharge service is adapted for Tigo, in all countries, with a very quick and easy-to-use service.

You can see how easy it is with these steps:

Here is the detailed process to refill Tigo from abroad:

1. Go to and choose «Top up phone».

2. Choose the prefix of the phone number to recharge, as it changes according to the country and network. You can do it from the drop-down menu on the website, and the prefix for Tigo from your country will be automatically loaded:

3. Make sure the country and network are correct, and if not, manually select them.

4. Select the amount you want to load from the available options.

5. Check the final price, where you can see the exact amount to be loaded.

6. Fill in the personal details: full name and the email address where you want to be contacted

7. Choose the payment method (in the next section we detail the payment methods available) to finish your Tigo recharge, and that’s it!

You’ll shortly receive your balance, as soon as the payment is confirmed.

How to pay Tigo refill with doctorSIM

We know how important is to have an easy method to pay, and we provide multiple payment methods, adapted to your local currency and needs, as we’ve learned from our experience, over the last 13 years. 

You can choose any of the payment methods we have available for your Tigo refill, from any country where you are located.

We kindly recommend you to read more information about our payment options, all security protocols and certificates we count on, to ensure a safe payment and the protection of your payment and personal data, so you can enjoy a 100% safe transaction and service.

How to check the balance for Tigo

When requesting a Tigo refill with doctorSIM, you receive a confirmation email once it’s delivered, and do not forget that sometimes it might take up to 15 minutes until the balance is loaded.

To find out your Tigo balance, you can review the available options according to your country:

Top-up Tigo Bolivia

Check balance Tigo Bolivia

Call *123#, or call *772 and you can hear the balance Send an SMS 7255 with the word Saldo Here is how you can check your balance in credit, minutes, messages and/or available MB.

Top-up Tigo Chad

Check balance Tigo Chad

Dialing 4040 and pressing Dial.

Top-up Tigo Colombia

Check balance Tigo Colombia

Dial *600 and press Call/Send, or dial *10# and press Send/Call.

Top-up Tigo El Salvador

Check balance Tigo Telemovil El Salvador

Dial *611# and press Send/Call.

Top-up Tigo Guatemala

Check balance Tigo Guatemala

Call *256 and follow the instructions, or send the word SALDO to 256.

Top-up Tigo Honduras

Check balance Tigo Honduras

Dial *123# and press Send/Call.

Top-up Tigo Laos

Check balance Tigo Laos

Dial *122# and press Send/Call.

Top-up Tigo Nicaragua

Check balance Tigo Nicaragua

If you want to know the available balance after each phone call, you can freely activate the service by dialing *781 (you need a minimum credit of U$0.01 to activate it) and you can deactivate it by dialing *782. You can also dial *72536 or sending Saldo to 611

Top-up Tigo Paraguay

Check balance Tigo Paraguay

Dial *611# and press Call/Send.

Top-up Tigo Ruanda

Check balance Tigo Ruanda

Dial *131# and press Send/Call.

Top-up Tigo Senegal

Check balance Tigo Senegal

From any other phone, call 32 824 00 00.

Top-up Tigo Tanzania

Check balance Tigo Tanzania

Dial *102# and press Send/Call.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or doubts related to our top-up service, through the channels we have on our website on our Social Media:

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