Top-up promotion for Venezuela: up to 5 million Bs free!

Venezuela Promotion Top-Up

Check out our top-up promotion for Venezuela! Although January is considered the hardest month financially by most, September isn’t far behind.

It is for this reason that doctorSIM is offering you an exclusive promotion for Venezuela you won’t find anywhere else to help out.

We are offering up to 5 million Bs free when you top up any cell phone from Digitel, Movistar or Movilnet Venezuela!

You can recharge the same cell phone number as many times as you like, send money to different numbers, top up from within Venezuela or from a different country. The choice is yours!

Top up your phone with doctorSIM by the end of the day on Friday, September 17, and get:

  • 5 million Bs free with all your Digitel top-ups.
  • 4 million Bs free with all your Movistar top-ups.
  • 2 million Bs free with all your Movilnet top-ups.

For example, if you recharge 5 million Bs with Digitel, you will automatically receive 10 million Bs in your account balance.

What do I have to do to enjoy the top-up promotion for Venezuela?

It couldn’t be easier to take full advantage of this amazing deal. Simply follow the steps below to top up your Venezuela phone:

  1. Click on the Top Up Phone tab at the top of the doctorSIM homepage.
  2. Enter the Venezuela cell phone number you want to top up (select the local prefix +58).
  3. The system will usually automatically detect the network carrier of the number you have typed, but if not, select the correct one.
  4. Choose the amount you want to top up.
    The promotion will be applied automatically and the person receiving the recharge will receive an additional 5 million Bs if Digitel, 4 million Bs if Movistar, or 2 million Bs extra for free if Movilent. That’s all there is to it!
  5. Pay for the top-up using any of the available payment methods displayed at checkout. All options are 100% safe and reliable.

Hurry, special promotion ends on Friday, September 17, 2021!

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