Bye bye 2021! Here Are the Highlights of our Year

highlights 2021

If you ask an expert in business and finance about the most important numbers for a company when closing a year, they will probably give you cool buzzwords like “market share”, “customer profitability” or “net profit margin”.

But if you’d ask us, the team of people behind doctorSIM, the same question… Well, here’s the answer! These are the highlights of 2021 for us. 

1,873,405 euros sent to family and friends at the best price

By using our Top Up service you can send money anywhere in the world without having to worry about any dodgy exchange rates or abusive commissions. And you’ll get your refill immediately! 

Whoever tops up with doctorSIM is sure to repeat. This year our customers have sent credit to 181 countries for an approximate value of 1,873,405 euros. Now, that is a lot!

364,054 euros given away in promotions

WHAT! Have we gone crazy? Maybe! But we told you we offer the best prices… and we mean it!

We want you to save as much as possible when you top up with us. That’s why every week we offer you promos in many carriers and countries. You don’t want to miss any of them, right? Sign up here and you’ll always be the first to know about our promos! We’ll only send you promos for the operator and country you select, we don’t do SPAM.

87,400 connected families

When you are far away from your loved ones, having credit or air time to talk to them on the phone is a vital necessity. Thanks to our top-up service, we have helped more than 87,400 families to be closer to each other. 

157,306 cell phones recovered

And you thought your old phone was useless! Ha! This year our doctors have transformed 157,306 unusable devices into unlocked and fully functional phones thanks to our imei, server and cable unlocking service. Amazing, right?

31.5 tons of waste avoided

Have you ever wondered how much damage is done to the planet if everyone gets a new cell phone every few years? Millions and millions of devices end up in the trash, generating a large amount of waste that is very harmful to the environment and extremely difficult to dispose of.  

This year we have managed to give a second, a third and even a fourth life to so many devices that we have stopped people from producing some 31.5 tons of waste. Wow!

Over 82 million euros saved on mobile devices

Do you remember when you were tied to a cell phone company forever and you needed to buy a new phone if you wanted to change your carrier? Well those days are gone forever.

With doctorSIM you can unlock your phone and continue using it with the carrier of your choice. This year we have unlocked so many phones that we have saved our customers approximately 82 million euros. They surely have spent them on more important things!

225,347 validated phone purchases

Buying a second-hand phone is a lottery… You might get what you paid for, or you might end up with a phone that is out of warranty, locked, or worse, something you can’t use because it’s been blacklisted after someone reported it stolen!

Thanks to the 1,273,038 doctorSIM checks, more than 225,347 users have been able to make informed purchases and ensure they got a phone they could actually use!

We reached more than 2.8 million happy customers

Let us tell you something. The telecommunications industry is not exactly known for having a high level of customer satisfaction. If you’ve ever had to deal with a call to your phone company, you already know what we’re talking about.

At doctorSIM we are very proud to offer an ethical and transparent quality service, and to have a team that truly makes life easier for its customers. This year we have had hundreds of 4 and 5 star ratings on Trustpilot y Google Reviews, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. This means a lot to us.

And next year, we’ll try our best to do even better 😉.

Thank you for spending 2021 with us. 💙 

We wish you a happy 2022 full of good stuff! 🥂


Unlock your phone! Save on your Wireless Bill! Reclaim Your Freedom! doctorSIM is an 8 year old company specialized in wireless freedoms solutions. We provide unlocking and saving solutions for individuals, SMEs, as well as large corporations with TEM requirements!

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