15 Years Ago…

Where were you 15 years ago? We know exactly where we were, what we were doing and even how we were dressed, because it was a very important date for doctorSIM. In case you need some context…

  • 15 years ago a man named Steve Jobs came up with the brilliant idea of putting something named “the iPhone” in the market; back then it was known as “iPhone”, without a last name.
  • The social network Tumblr saw the light of day, Facebook was barely 3 years old, Twitter was celebrating its first anniversary and Instagram was still 3 years away from being born.
  • The first season of The Big Bang Theory premiered, Lost was still in its third season and Netflix was just an online video store.
  • Justin Bieber was celebrating his 7th birthday and that same year superstar Zendaya… blew out only 5 candles!

Now it’s our turn to tell you about what was undoubtedly the most important event of 2007…

The birth of doctorSIM!

15 years ago we started our journey into the wayward universe of the mobile phone industry. A decade and a half later, having survived two world crises and a global pandemic, not only are we still alive, but we are more eager than ever to take the world by storm!

We wouldn’t have made it this far without you! 💙

15 years being an international reference in the mobile phone industry is a long time… And we’re going to celebrate it in style! 

We want to reward your trust so that we can keep on growing with you and many more friends. That’s why…

We are launching an amazing promo for you to celebrate with us! 🎂

Come on, our sweet fifteen party at last! And that means it’s our turn to treat you to something awesome, isn’t it? 

So we’ve dolled ourselves up, we’ve inflated some balloons, we’ve ordered the biggest cake we could find at the store, we’ve handed out glitter left and right… And we’re offering you these huge discounts on every service available at doctorSIM!

No Service Fee on All Top Ups! Get More For Less.

No matter where you are, you can top up your phone or send balance to anywhere in the world with doctorSIM. And until March 1st, the service fee is on us. Enjoy! 

Up To 45% Off on All Network Phone Unlocks

Have we gone crazy? Could be! Now you can unlock your device at the best price ever and use it anywhere in the world, with the network carrier you choose. Don’t miss this huge sale!

Up To 45% Off on All IMEI Checks

Now it’s the time to check your cell phone warranty status, if it has been reported or if it has the iCloud Activation lock enabled, if your iPhone can be unlocked… And many other checks. You name it! 

All the IMEI checks you can think of can be done at doctorSIM. Some of them are free and on those that are not… you can get up to 45% off!

How To Get Your Discount?

It couldn’t be easier: you don’t have to do anything at all. All discounts are active automatically on our website and you won’t have to enter any kind of coupon or code to get them.

Simply make your purchase as usual and you will see your discount applied in the breakdown we show you at the end of the process.

Promo Available until March 1st

Hurry up because this promo will only be available on our website until March 1st. Don’t let it slip away! 😉

You already know we offer the best online service, with 100% secure and reliable payment methods, the best prices in the market and a passionate support team that will help you with anything you need. 

🥂 Here’s to our next 15 years together… We can’t wait!


Unlock your phone! Save on your Wireless Bill! Reclaim Your Freedom! doctorSIM is an 8 year old company specialized in wireless freedoms solutions. We provide unlocking and saving solutions for individuals, SMEs, as well as large corporations with TEM requirements!

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