How to turn your Android into a left-handed phone [IN ONLY 4 STEPS]

left-handed phone

Wait, what? You didn’t know you could do this? Of course you can! Setting up a left-handed phone is very easy… as long as you are clear on what the steps are. 

If you are left-handed, you don’t have to suffer anymore using a setting that is not ideal for you. We already go through a lot of unnecessary pain… Let’s try and make our lives easier at least with small things! 
Here are the steps you need to follow to set up your Android phone in left-handed mode. It’s easy and it’ll only take a few taps, let’s do it!

Step 1. Find ‘About Phone’

Go to the settings menu (the little wheel) and look for ‘About Phone’.

left-handed phone

Your phone doesn’t look like this?

No problem. Don’t worry if your phone’s menu doesn’t look exactly like the one in the screenshots, and keep in mind that the path may vary slightly depending on your model and operating system. Pro tip: type ‘About Phone’ in the search field that you’ll find above the settings menu.

Step 2. Enabling ‘Developer options’

Once you are in ‘About Phone’, go where it says ‘Build number’ and tap on it 7 times. Yeah, 7. Don’t ask why. 

left-handed phone

Now you’re going to need to enter your pin code. Do so and you will get a notification that the developer options are now enabled.

Step 3. Look for ‘Developer options’

Go back to ‘Settings’ → ‘System’ and select ‘{ } Developer options’.

left-handed phone

Step 4. Let’s make it a left-handed phone!

Finally, scroll down (you’ll have to scroll down quite a bit, be patient) until you see ‘Force RLT layout direction’ and then enable it.

And… that’s it! Your Android is now a left-handed phone that should look like this:

left-handed phone 6

🎉 Yay! It didn’t take long at all, did it? 

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