Can I unlock my phone under a fixed-term contract?

unlock phone under fixed-term contract

Permanently unlocking a phone under a fixed-term contract is possible. You have nothing to be afraid of.

Unlocking your phone has nothing to do with the fixed-term contract you signed with your network provider.

Having a fixed-term contract means paying a set monthly fee for a specific period of time, usually one or two years.

The fact you have decided to unlock your phone does not break the contract, but it does give you the possibility of using your phone with a network provider in addition to the one contracted.

You can choose the network provider which best suits your needs at the time as it does not interfere in any way with your fixed-term contract.

Also, the network provider you have a contract with cannot penalise you for unlocking your phone through an external and independent supplier.

To end your fixed-term contract you must wait until it runs out naturally, or pay the corresponding penalty fees for exiting early, but you can unlock your phone whenever you like.

Make sure you are making the right decision before parting company with your network provider by really researching the latest deals and special offers. Sometimes it is better the devil you know.

Either way, unlocking your phone with doctorSIM opens up a world of opportunities. Not so scary now eh?

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