How to network unlock your iPhone 12

How to unlock iPhone 12

If you want to find out how to network unlock an iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max or an iPhone 12 Mini, keep reading! Luckily for you, doctorSIM can help you, regardless the iPhone model you have got.

If you’re interested in network unlocking an iPhone 12, you are very lucky, as these models are, undoubtedly, among the most powerful smartphones out there.

To network unlock your phone means that the device will no longer be locked to any particular network, and you will be able to use it with any operator, worldwide. This service is especially useful if you have bought the phone from abroad, or from a network company, and you want to switch to another network.

Have you bought the phone second-hand? Then this is the service you need, if your carrier is different from the original one to which the phone is locked, or if you plan to use it in a different country.

No matter which is the reason that drives you to network unlock your iPhone 12, or any iPhone model launched in 2020, the process is the same, and it’s very easy:

  1. Go to doctorSIM -> Unlock your phone  -> Select Apple.
  2. Choose the exact phone model you want to unlock.
  3. Select the original country and carrier of the device. If you’re not sure, you can run the Original Operator Check with us.
  4. Fill in the requested information: the IMEI (by dialing *#06# on the dialpad), contact email address where to receive the unlock instructions, and the payment method.

Please bear in mind that the unlock doctorSIM provides, nor any other, removes phones from the blacklist, PIN/PUK codes, iCloud accounts nor any other personal passcode set on the phone. If this is your case, we recommend you contacting the legal owner of the device to solve it as soon as possible.

Here’s a review on the iPhone models from 2020, and the matching links for their network unlock:

Unlock iPhone 12: This range of new iPhone models come with 5G technology and OLED display, features that other manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei have already been incorporating on some of their high-end models. The screen of this new iPhone 12 is 6.1 inches and a resolution of 2532×1170 pixels.

Unlock iPhone 12 Pro: It has similar features to the iPhone 12, 5G, OLED display, same resolution and battery characteristics. What is new for this model, is the telephoto already included in the phone’s main camera, ProRAW format, 4x optical zoom instead of 2x, and the LiDAR scanner for Night mode, automatic zoom with less light and advanced experience for the Augmented Reality. Different from the other 2020 models, this one comes with a 512 GB version, while the others only reach a maximum of 256 GB.

Unlock iPhone 12 Pro Max: Apart from the same new features of the other iPhone 2020 models, the 5G frequencies and the OLED display, this model is bigger, 6.7 inches, better resolution 2778×1184 pixels, and a longer battery duration, of up to 20 hours of multimedia replay. 

The camera has the same features as the iPhone 12 Pro, the only difference this time is that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has 5x optical zoom.

Unlock iPhone 12 Mini: With the 5G and OLED features, this is the more compact model, perfect for the fans of the smaller-sized iPhone devices. Being more compact, reduces a bit the screen, to 5.1 inches, and the resolution to 2340×1080 pixels, as well as the battery duration, 15h of multimedia for the iPhone 12 Mini, and 17 hours multimedia for the iPhone 12.

For any further questions or doubts related to the network unlock and any iPhone 12, you can contact us by email or chat.

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