Check to see if your phone has been added to the GSMA blacklist

doctorSIM’s obsession with empowering phone users and helping them save money knows no bounds. Our new IMEI check services will let you know if your phone has been reported to the GSMA due to loss, theft or unpaid phone bill.

In line with our desire to keep your wallet in your pocket, our new services include free phone checks. That’s right! Checking to see if your phone has been added to the blacklist due to loss, theft or an unpaid bill won’t cost you a penny with doctorSIM.

Our free IMEI check service includes the following:

  • Access to five different databases located worldwide.
  • Global data updated every week.
  • Breakdown by geographic area.
  • doctorSIM Risk Index, a unique metric calculating the IMEI’s probability of being blacklisted and that includes factors which cannot be quantified in the report.

If you want to receive even more information on the current status because you plan to purchase or unlock the phone, available for a small fee is our Premium Blacklist check which includes:

  • Access to seven databases located worldwide.
  • Global data updated every 24 hours.
  • Breakdown by country and network provider.
  • Over 120 collaborating GSMA organisations.
  • Valid guarantee prior to using unlocking service.
  • Make, model, TAC and additional data provided.
  • PDF download with seal of certification.
  • Confidential and anonymous.
  • Discounts on future unlockings

Request Premium Blacklist CheckFor more information: Check your phone.


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