Are iPhones worth stealing?

Are iPhones worth stealing

Are iPhones worth stealing? Needless to say, first and foremost, stealing an iPhone is a crime. But if you’re thinking of buying a second-hand iPhone on the black market, this article may save you a few headaches.

Currently, the iPhone remains one of the most popular mobile devices on the market. For this reason, it has become a highly coveted object for thieves, who seek to get some cash by reselling the device. But, are iPhones really worth stealing? The answer is: absolutely not. In this article, we’ll explain why.

iCloud locked iPhone

The first thing you should know is that if you buy a stolen iPhone, you may encounter several problems. First, the device may be locked by iCloud. If the original owner has activated the Find My iPhone feature, you may not be able to use it as it will ask for the password for its Apple ID. Likewise, if the original owner has reported it stolen to their phone company, the company will most likely have locked the iPhone, rendering it useless.

If the owner activated this feature, they will be able to enter the device from any browser, with their Apple ID and password, to perform any of these functions:

  1. Locate the iPhone

As soon as you turn the device on, the owner will be able to track its position by geolocating the last point where the phone captured a signal. In addition to locating it in case of emergency, this function is very useful for knowing if you forgot it at work, in the car, or if it’s lost under the sofa.

  1. Issue an alert sound

If the owner selects this option, the phone will play an alert sound for two minutes. This will happen even if it is turned off or on silent mode.

  1. Lost mode. Lock the terminal

If the iPhone owner activates this option, they will be able to provide a contact phone number and, as soon as the device is activated, a message like this will prompt: “Remember: Without your ID and password, they cannot do anything with the phone.”

  1. Notify the owner when found

Every time the iPhone connects to a WiFi or phone network, its legal owner will be notified by email and a series of alert messages will be activated.

  1. Completely erase the terminal content remotely

You should keep in mind that if you activate this option, you will not be able to track the iPhone in the future. This is the option you should choose if you want to sell your second-hand device.

iCloud locked iPhones sold in the second-hand market will never be fully functional devices. In addition, you should not forget that every time you try to hack it, you will be committing a crime, and Apple will continue to receive information from the device.

Blacklisted IMEI

On the other hand, if you buy an iPhone, it is most advisable to always check beforehand that its IMEI has not been blacklisted. If this were the case, you could be charged with a crime of receiving stolen goods.

The IMEI number is a 15-digit code that identifies our device, and the Law expressly prohibits its manipulation or modification. In fact, when an owner reports the theft or loss of their device to their network carrier, the terminal gets locked in order to prevent it from being used with any other network carrier, even with a different SIM card.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that the iPhone might have been blacklisted because it was reported stolen, lost, or due to debts with the phone company. This means that generally, you won’t be able to make or receive calls, and other features may also not work correctly.

That’s why it’s crucial that, if you’re going to buy a second-hand iPhone, you verify that it’s not blacklisted. How can you do so? You can check if a phone is blacklisted thanks to doctorSIM’s blacklist check.

In a very short time and for very little money, you’ll receive a full report on the device’s situation. We recommend reviewing this information before buying a used phone because, if you later discover it was blacklisted, you may not be able to use it correctly.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t confuse unlocking the phone with hacking the IMEI. Unlocking the phone to use it with any carrier is a user’s right. Hacking the IMEI is a crime.

In summary, are iPhones worth stealing? Definitely is not a good idea. And if you buy a stolen one (even if you don’t know), you may have to face several problems like it being locked by iCloud or its phone carrier. Moreover, doing it illegally can lead you to commit a crime. The best thing you can do is avoid buying a stolen iPhone and, if you find one, return it to its original owner or deliver it to the competent authorities.


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