How to find out the original carrier of your cell phone… and much more!

The transition from the Industrial Revolution to the Information Age is exciting but isn’t all plain sailing, however, at doctorSIM, our mission is to make the process as smooth as possible. At no other time in human history has it been so important to be well informed.

And with the rapid rise and expansion of the Internet, there are no excuses for being out of touch. Our IMEI phone checks were born out of society’s newfound craving for information and knowledge.

First, and with only your phone’s IMEI number we were able to check if it had been blacklisted due to loss, theft or non-payment. Then for iPhone users, we added three more IMEI checks letting you know if your iPhone was locked/unlocked, if locked to which network and whether the iCloud Activation lock is enabled or disabled. Finally, a FREE Identify Model service was added for those of you wanting to know the exact model of your phone.

Now, and as from today, we have extended our Original Operator check to nine other makes: BlackBerry, HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony. Furthermore, by requesting one of these checks during the next few weeks you may receive additional information on your phone at no extra cost such as the warranty period, exact model or if it has been blacklisted by the original operator. We are unsure how long this will be the case exactly, so hurry up and get your complete phone report as soon as possible.

Why check the original carrier of your phone?

Knowing to which network your cell phone is locked is necessary to successfully unlock some phones. We are also unable to issue refunds if this information is indicated incorrectly on the request form because the unlocking process is fully automated. We highly recommend finding out the original operator if you are selling or buying a used phone. The data is 100% reliable as it is taken directly from the manufacturer’s database safely and anonymously.

It is important to emphasize that these IMEI phone checks do not network unlock the phone. They complement our cell phone unlocking services and should be used prior to submitting a request to release your phone from the original operator.


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