Why you shouldn’t jailbreak your iPhone

Most of you reading this article will be aware that in recent weeks it has been discovered that, once again, you can jailbreak your iPhone with the iOS 12.4 update.

Although some of the advantages may be extremely tempting, we honestly hope you haven’t already jailbroken your iPhone. Why shouldn’t you jailbreak an iPhone? Read on to find out:

1. First and most importantly, if you jailbreak your iPhone, you will not be able to unlock the device’s network so it can be used with other carriers. The jailbreak changes the entire internal configuration of the phone, so unlocking it would not be possible and you will not be able to switch to another network without restoring the device to factory settings.

2. Voiding Apple’s warranty. If you modify the original configuration of your iPhone, you will lose the manufacturer’s warranty. This means that you will be unable to ask Apple for any technical support, change the screen or repair any part of the device that becomes damaged.

3. Security of your personal data. Jailbreaking an iPhone with iOS 12.4 is possible due to a security issue that was not detected before launch. Therefore, just like this problem can be used to apply jailbreak, it can also be used as a way for hackers to gain access to your device. Hackers rarely have good intentions and your personal information could be in danger!

4. Phone broken or damaged irreparably. Unless you are an expert in the field, it is quite likely that you will experience problems if the iPhone has not been set up properly from the start. Solving issues that arise from a jailbreak is far more complex than it may seem.

5. It is quite simply no longer necessary! The jailbreak was a much better option when the iOS operating system was first launched, since it included fewer options and was a very closed system. Now that the iOS capabilities have been enhanced significantly there are fewer reasons to need to jailbreak an iPhone.

So what does doctorSIM recommend? Stay tuned for the next iOS version and update your iPhone as soon as possible. In this way, your device will be fully protected and ready to work properly for, hopefully, many years to come. In addition, you can network unlock your iPhone whenever you like. 😉

More information: Unlock iPhone.


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