How to recharge Movistar online

Recharge Movistar

You can recharge Movistar online with us, from anywhere in the world. Keep connected with your friends and family, as you can refill any Movistar prepaid phone number, yours, or a friend’s or relative’s, from anywhere, anytime.

You can also recharge your own phone from your country, since our services cover all needs.

doctorSIM recharge service includes the possibility of refilling hundreds of operators from different countries from the same web, excellent and safe payment methods, exclusive promotions, constant follow-up of your orders until the balance is delivered, and a professional team backing-up your money, to ensure a safe process. Keep your money safe and do not trust shady recharge companies or shops.

How to recharge Movistar step by step with doctorSIM

The process to refill a Movistar phone number is very easy and quick with doctorSIM, as it adapts to all international markets. You can recharge from abroad, in the same conditions.

Here are the detailed steps for the refill process for Movistar from abroad:

1. Access doctorSIM and choose ‘’Top Up Phone’.

2. Choose the prefix of the phone number you want to replenish. As you know, the prefix changes according to each country and carrier.

You can easily select it from the drop down menu on our website, and the prefix will automatically load, according to Movistar of your country:

3. Check the selected carrier identified by the system is correct. If it’s not, you can change it manually.
4. Select the amount you want to recharge from the amounts available.
5. Check the final price, where you will see the final balance to be delivered.

6. Complete the personal information: full name and email address where you want to receive the notifications.

7. Choose the payment method you want (in the next section we will detail the available payment methods) for Movistar and complete your order. Ready!

How to pay for your refill

We provide different payment methods which allow you to recharge your Movistar with maximum comfort and safety.

Our payment methods are available for all countries, and you can refill Movistar from abroad.

We recommend you reading about our payment methods, and take a look at our security protocols and certificates we provide, and which make your payment 100% safe.

How to check your Movistar balance

Once you top-up your Movistar phone, you will receive a confirmation email from doctorSIM.

Please take into account that, in some cases, it might take up to 15 minutes to receive the balance on the phone.

To check your balance, please check the options available for your country in the list:

Recharge Movistar ArgentinaCheck your available amount with Movistar Argentina. It’s very easy! Here we explain to you how to do it.

  • Send an SMS with the word SALDO to 444. The first 10 checks every month are free, once completed, you will be charged 0,35$ for each balance check.
  • You can also call *444, and choose the ‘’Consulta de saldo’’ option. This method has a cost of 0,35$ for each call.

Recharge Movistar ChileReview your refill for Movistar Chile. You can follow these steps to review your refill:

  • If you have a Movistar Chile prepaid phone, call 303, and choose option 5. You can also dial *303#, and choose option 5. Each of these options costs $70.
  • If you have a postpaid Movistar Chile phone number, dial *103#. You have one free check/day, all extra checks will be charged $100. You can also send an SMS with letter S to 300, each SMS is charged $100.

Recharge Movistar ColombiaVerify your remaining balance with Movistar Colombia:

  • You can send the word SALDO to 611, you will receive a message with a menu, and reply to the message with the letter B. You will receive another message with and you have to choose the option to check the available balance in your Movistar Colombia account.

Recharge Movistar Costa RicaIt’s easy to check your amount available for Movistar Costa Rica!

  • Send an SMS to 606 with the word SALDO, and you’ll receive the information in a text message. It can also be checked by dialling *650#.

Recharge Movistar EcuadorVerify your remaining balance for Movistar Ecuador:

  • Send a WhatsApp message to the following phone number 0999 001 140, and indicate option 1: ‘’Check balance’’. By doing this, you will receive an answer with the details regarding your remaining balance and validity date. Option 2 allows you to download your invoice, and option 3 will provide you details on your plan.
  • A call to *001 can also be used, as an alternative option.

Recharge Movistar El SalvadorIf you want to recharge Movistar El Salvador, you can check your balance following these steps:

  • Dial -555 or *333 for free, and see the information on display.
  • Send a free SMS to 700 with the word SALDO.

Recharge Movistar SpainLook up your balance for Movistar Spain:

  • Dial  *133# and press Call. it costs 0.15€/check, VAT not included.

Recharge Movistar GuatemalaReviewing balance for Movistar Guatemala:

  • Send  «SALDO» to 700 to receive the information in an SMS or,
  • Dial *333 and press Send/Call.

Recharge Movistar MexicoHow to look up the available balance for Movistar México:

  • Send SALDO to 777 or dial *SALDO (*72536) and listen to the information recorded.
  • You can also dial *102# and select the option you need. For both cases, you’ll receive a message with the requested information.
  • If you have a postpaid phone number, you can use any of these options: dial *SALDO (*72536) or through the interactive menu dialling *102#.

Recharge Movistar Nicaragua

Steps to find out your balance for Movistar Nicaragua:

  • Text SALDO to 611, and you’ll receive the information in a message.
  • Dial *72536 and press Call/Send.

Recharge Movistar PanamaWays to check your remaining balance for Movistar Panamá:

  • Dial *312# (only for prepaid customers).
  • Dial *888# and choose the «recarga y saldo» option (valid for both prepaid and postpaid).

Recharge Movistar PeruLooking up the balance for Movistar Peru:

  • Dial *515# and select the first option.

Recharge Movistar UruguayReview your refill for Movistar Uruguay:

  • Call *222, or send SALDO to 222 to receive a message with the information.

Recharge Movistar VenezuelaLooking up the balance for Movistar Venezuela?

Dial *144# and select the option to check your balance from the menu, or dial *88 to see the direct information.

If you have any question regarding the process, do not hesitate to contact us from our website or on social media:

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