5 Reasons Why You Should Unlock Your Phone

why you should unlock your phone

It’s all advantages, you’ll see! But before we tell you about why you should to unlock your phone, let’s see what exactly “unlocking a phone” means.

Unlocking a phone means making it usable with any phone company or network carrier, without any restrictions. This way we can freely choose the rates we want regardless of the network carrier, buy a SIM card to a local company when we travel abroad or add more value to our old phone if we’re planning to sell it.

Your phone deserves to be set free! Let’s see why.

1. Because you’ll be able to use it with any other carrier (yes, even if you are still committed by a fixed-term contract)

That’s right! Even if you are committed to stay with the phone company you bought your phone from, once you unlock it you’ll be free to use it with any SIM card, no matter what company it is from. Your choice!

2. Because, in the long run, you’ll save a lot of money

Are you tired of the rates imposed by your phone company? Do you want to switch to a low-cost carrier and save on your monthly bill? Do you want to use a prepaid card with your phone? Unlock it now and start saving!

3. Because you’ll be able to use your phone in any country in the world… Extremely convenient for post-covid travelling!

Now that we can (finally) travel freely around the world, you’re probably planning a long trip… And who isn’t? Depending on the country where you’re going to give yourself a little treat, the best option is most likely buying a prepaid SIM card and top it up as you spend.

However, if your phone is not unlocked, this won’t work for you… So what are you going to do? Are you going to buy another phone just for this? Or are you going to use an old one with a much worse camera so you can’t upload cool pics on Instagram? Really? Naah… Why don’t you just unlock your phone? It’s way easier!

4. Because, if you’re going to sell it… An unlocked phone is worth much more!

If you are thinking of making some money by selling one of those old cell phones you have at home… Unlock it! You’ll be able to sell it for more money and it will so much easier for you to find buyers. Would you buy a cell phone that you can only use with a specific network carrier? Well, neither would your potential buyers.

5. Because it will allow you to use more than one SIM card in the same phone

This is ideal if you’re having an affair (hehe) or if you are a spy… Or if you simply need to use your phone with another SIM card from time to time for work or whatever reason, it doesn’t need to bee that cool.

You already know this: if your device is unlocked, you can use it with the card (or cards) and carrier of your choice. So what are you waiting for?

Ok, now I know exactly why I should unlock my phone but… How do I know if mine is unlocked?

Ha! Good question… The answer is easy: if you put a SIM card from another network carrier in it and it doesn’t work, it’s not unlocked. And if it works, it is.

But… There is a possibility that, even if your phone is unlocked, it still doesn’t work properly… If this is your case, it is very likely that your phone has been blacklisted because it was lost, stolen or unpaid. They are two different types of blocking, as we explain here. If your phone is on the blacklist, there is a solution, and you can check it for free by clicking on the button below. You will receive the results in your email in less than 3 minutes.

How do I unlock my phone?

The most recommended method to unlock a cell phone is by IMEI, because this way we’ll keep the phone warranty and it won’t affect the hardware or software.

Unlocking by IMEI at doctorSIM is very convenient because it is an online service, and you can unlock your phone without leaving home as we’ll send you the unlocking instructions by email.

To request this service you just have to click here, search for the brand and model of the phone you want to unlock and then enter the country and network carrier of origin. You will see the final cost and the guaranteed delivery time in which you will receive your instructions, so all you have to do is complete the payment.

Remember to correctly enter the IMEI code by dialing the sequence *#06# on your phone. If you give us a wrong IMEI code, we can’t assure the instructions are valid for your device.

Of course, any questions you may have will be answered by our dear customer service team. You can contact them by chat, email or phone. You can also drop us line on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; we’ll never leave you on your own!

Can you think of more reasons to unlock your phone? Let us know!


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