Removing iCloud from an iPhone: a nightmare for third-party resellers of used iPhones

remove iCloud from an iPhone

Apple’s security is getting better and better every year. In fact, this is one of its main selling points: if you buy an Apple device, be it a MacBook, an iPhone or an iPad, and it is stolen, it is virtually impossible for the thief to access it, provided you have previously activated the recommended security features. It’s simply not possible to remove iCloud from an iPhone if you don’t have the password.

But what if it’s not a theft, but just someone who sold their iPhone and forgot to remove iCloud from it? Actually, this powerful security feature brings a lot of headaches to sellers and buyers of second-hand iPhones, as it can literally render an iPhone useless in a legitimate sale in this market.

Obviously, this fact would significantly reduce the value of the device as the buyer literally cannot use what they are buying.

But… what exactly is iCloud and how does it work?

iCloud, also sometimes referred to as ‘Apple ID’, is a cloud storage service offered by Apple. It allows you to securely store files, photos, music and more on its servers. In addition, iCloud offers an extra layer of security by requiring a password to access the phone.

Generally, all Apple users enable this option on their devices to lock the iPhone with a password, thus preventing anyone from accessing their personal files.

It is only possible to access an iCloud account if you know the password. This means that, if a phone has iCloud enabled, you will not be able to access its files or use much of its features unless you have these credentials.

Difference between removing iCloud from an iPhone, unlocking an iPhone and removing an iPhone from the blacklist

There are several ways in which an iPhone can be “locked” so that you can’t use all of its features, and they are independent security mechanisms that must be removed separately:

1. Because a phone company (like Vodafone or AT&T) locked it so that it can only be used with their SIM cards

This is the only case in which it is legal for a third party, such as doctorSIM, to unlock the device, through an iPhone unlocking service. If this is your case, all you have to do is select the model, indicate which carrier locked the phone and purchase the service. We will take care of everything else

2. Because it has been “blacklisted” due to theft, loss or non-payment and, therefore, its use has been restricted

To remove this restriction, it is necessary for the original owner of the phone to contact the network carrier that blacklisted the phone, to settle their debts or withdraw the report.

Need to know if an iPhone has been blacklisted? Try out our free check and find out in no time!

3. Because it has iCloud enabled, and you cannot access the iPhone unless you know the iCloud password

In this case, the person who set that password needs to access iCloud and remove it from the iPhone. That’s the only way. Remember that neither doctorSIM nor any other company can delete iCloud legally and safely for you and for the device.

How to know if an iPhone has iCloud enabled?

As you already know, if you buy a second-hand iPhone that has iCloud enabled, you will not be able to use it normally unless you know the iCloud password. That is why it is extremely important that, before you make your purchase, you check if the iPhone has iCloud enabled.

The only thing you will need to know is the iPhone’s IMEI code. You can ask the seller for it and check it yourself with doctorSIM’s iCloud check. If they don’t want to give you this information, be suspicious! It could be a stolen iPhone. And if you already have it, click on the following link to check if the iPhone has iCloud active. You will receive the result of the check in your email in no time.

How to remove iCloud from an iPhone?


We advise you against trying to remove iCloud yourself if you are not the original owner of the device or if you were not the one who set this password, as you could damage your phone and you also run the risk of taking a penalty from Apple.

To remove the iCloud password, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > [your name]
  2. Scroll down and click “Sign out”
  3. Enter your Apple ID password and click “Disable”
  4. Activate the data for which you want to keep a copy on your device
  5. Click “Sign out”
  6. Click “Sign out” again to confirm that you want to sign out of iCloud

Now you know, if you are thinking of selling your iPhone on the second-hand market, you should remove iCloud from the device before selling it; otherwise, the person who buys it will not be able to use it. Also, if you remove iCloud from your iPhone, you will be able to sell it for more money.

And if you are thinking of buying a second-hand iPhone, don’t forget to ask for the IMEI code to your seller, because with it in your possession, and thanks to doctorSIM checks, you can find out everything about the phone (if it is under warranty or not, if it is unlocked or locked, and much more) before you make your purchase and get unpleasant surprises.


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