Top 5 cell phone unlocking myths busted [Updated 2022]

phone unlocking myths

How many phone unlocking myths have you heard lately?

Normally, releasing a cell phone locked to one network for use on any other compatible GSM network is a straightforward process requiring very little technical knowledge. Let’s be honest, there is nothing complicated about typing in an unlock code or connecting to iTunes if you have an iPhone. Nevertheless, the internet is awash with users posting doubts and misconceptions on how to free themselves from their network carrier.

Regrettably, we cannot answer them all in a blog post, but we can tackle a number of them which keep coming up time and again. Keep in mind that doctorSIM is an unlocking company offering professional IMEI-based unlocking services. The myths we are about to bust have nothing to do with the unlocking techniques used by local cell phone stores and web pages without security certifications and official recommendations.  

Here are the top 5 cell phone unlocking myths busted:

1. Unlocking a phone is illegal.

Not true, releasing a phone from its network is totally legal in practically every country in the world. In addition, unlocking phones by IMEI which is the method used by doctorSIM is the only method officially recognized and recommended by the phone manufacturers and network carriers themselves.

2. Unlocking a cell phone removes it from the blacklist.

Unfortunately, network unlocking a phone does not remove it from the blacklist. Reporting the IMEI or placing a phone on the blacklist is an additional security measure used by the original operator when the phone has been reported lost, stolen or due to having unpaid bills. Like we said here, only the network that placed the phone on the blacklist or the original owner can whitelist it. Neither doctorSIM nor any other unlocking company can provide this service. Blacklisted phones may work abroad but there is no guarantee that will be the case.

If you are unsure if your phone has been blacklisted, you can remove all doubts by using our Blacklist Check.

3. Unlocking a cell phone by IMEI can damage it and void the warranty.

No, unlocking a phone by IMEI doesn’t affect the warranty or harm it in any way because the software and hardware are unaltered during the process. This is the reason why the manufacturers and carriers advise their customers to only unlock their phones via IMEI. The phone will remain in the same condition it was prior to being unlocked.

4. A phone under contract cannot be unlocked.

Yes, it can. If you purchased a cell phone and are paying for it in monthly installments over the period of a couple of years, you can still unlock the phone 100% legally with doctorSIM. However, even if you unlock your cell phone for use on another network you will still need to fulfill your contractual obligations until it expires or you pay a cancellation fee. If you stop paying your bills for any reason, your phone will be reported for non-payment by the network effectively bricking it.

5. Phones must be unlocked by cable at a local store.

There is absolutely no need to take your phone to a local store to unlock it. You can unlock your phone conveniently online from the comfort of your home without having to part with it for a second. All you need is your IMEI number which you can find by dialing *#06* on the phone’s keypad and e-mail address for receiving the instructions to complete the unlocking process.

Unlocking your cell phone by IMEI with doctorSIM couldn’t be easier and it only takes a few minutes to submit your request. However, if after visiting our Help Center you have any other questions feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.


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