Use your iPhone on any network in the world with the UnlockMySIM Sticker

Occasionally, and for a number of different reasons, an iPhone locked to one particular network cannot be used with multiple carriers. Perhaps you have already tried and your search for a way to switch from your current operator is what led you here.

If so, the good news is your search is now over. doctorSIM’s UnlockMySIM sticker will allow you to use your iPhone on the network of your choice even though it is still locked.

This alternative method is for those iPhones which cannot be unlocked online using the smartphone’s unique IMEI number known as SIM, network, carrier or subsidy unlocking. We highly recommend checking to see if your iPhone can be unlocked via IMEI before purchasing a UMS sticker.

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The UnlockMySIM (UMS) is a small sticker which can be inserted below the SIM card as shown in the video allowing the iPhone to be used on any compatible network carrier in the world:

doctorSIM guarantees UnlockMySIM will work with all iPhone 5 models and above that use a nano-SIM card and the latest version of iOS. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee it will work on future software versions and updates. However, if the sticker ever stops working we will send you instructions on how to reconfigure it.

This product neither disables the Find My iPhone Activation Lock nor removes iPhones from the blacklist that have been reported due to loss, theft or non-payment. You can probably use your iPhone with the UnlockMySIM sticker in a country different to that of the original operator without any problems. However, we cannot guarantee it will work or the connectivity won’t be lost in the future due to being blacklisted.

Some iPhone 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus and iPhone X models do not support CDMA networks. Contact us before placing your order so we can verify that your specific iPhone model will work with the sticker inserted on CDMA networks such as Sprint or Verizon in the United States.

Order your UMS sticker in the doctorSIM Shop today and you’ll receive the package via express courier in just a few business days. Our expert customer support agents are available to answer any questions you may have or provide additional information.


UPDATE: Since December 25, 2018, we have replaced the UMS sticker with the much improved UnlockMySIM (UMS) 2.0 Card. UMS 2.0 will allow you to use your iPhone on the network of your choice without having to remain inserted in the device.

UMS 2.0 is a SIM card which we will send via courier and that will unlock your iPhone quickly and easily. All you need to do is insert the UMS 2.0 together with a code we’ll send you to unlock your device. You can also update the iOS software without the iPhone relocking.

Check out this short video tutorial demonstrating just how easy it is to unlock your iPhone with the UMS 2.0:

UPDATE II: August 2019. Due to reasons beyond doctorSIM’s control, the UnlockMySIM is no longer working and therefore unavailable for purchase. We are currently looking for a solution and will start shipping again as soon as the product is operative.

UPDATE III: JANUARY 2021 UPDATE: The new UnlockMySIM version can be purchased here: 


More information: UnlockMySIM Sticker Card


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