How to check if your Xiaomi Mi Account is active?

Xiaomi Mi Account is active

Interested in finding out if your Xiaomi Mi Account is active? Keep reading!

Do you have a Xiaomi or are you planning on buying one? Then, you know that the Mi Account is, an exclusive authentication method for Xiaomi devices.

To use any Xiaomi phone, a Xiaomi account is necessary, Mi Account, and once set up, we can use the phone’s features such as Mi Cloud, MI Market, MIUI Forum and much more.

If a device has the Xiaomi Mi Account active, it is necessary to know the access credentials. This is why it’s important to check the Mi Account status before purchasing a second-hand Xiaomi phone.

It is also useful if we want to sell a used Xiaomi, increasing the buyer’s trust.

How to check the Xiaomi MI Account activation status

If you need to find out if the Mi Account is active, you can do it with doctorSIM’s check. The steps are very easy:

  1. Access doctorSIM website, go to Phone Checks and select the Check Mi Account Activation Status (Only Xiaomi) service.
  2. Type the phone’s IMEI (that you can get by dialing *#06# on your phone)
  3. Fill in the personal information requested, and we’ll send you the result by email to the email address you indicate
  4. Make the payment choosing one of our 100% safe payment methods

Ready! In a very short time you will receive the official result regarding the Xiaomi Account.

NOTE: This service, nor any other removes the Xiaomi account. With this Check you will find out the information on the Mi Account Status.

If you are interested in selling your used Xiaomi, here are a few tips to prepare your smartphone before selling it on the second-hand market.

And don’t forget that doctorSIM’s Checks are 100% reliable as we always cross-reference information with official databases.

More information: Check Mi Account Activation Status

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