What is the status of your phone’s warranty?

Status phone warranty

If you want to know the warranty status of a mobile phone, the Warranty Check from doctorSIM is exactly what you need.

The warranty of a mobile phone is the type of insurance that a buyer needs when asking for a replacement or any fix if the phone has any issues or factory flaw.

Therefore, it is useful to know the status of the warranty at any time.

Mobile phones usually have a warranty period of 2 years, but there are special cases that might cause the warranty to be voided before this term.

If your phone was hit (easily detected if it has any dent or crack), if it has been manipulated by third parties (it’s essential to always get the phone to an official technical service of the manufacturer), if it has any water or sand inside (different conditions might apply for waterproof devices), or using any unofficial accessories (the neon-light charger from the local shop is not such a good idea), the warranty might be voided.

Why is it important to know which is the warranty status of your phone?

If you plan to purchase a second-hand phone, it is very useful knowing the warranty status of your phone, as this helps you find out the age of your device, and when the free technical service ends.

Tired of your phone and want to sell it? Knowing when the warranty ends gives you a plus of trust and worth when selling your phone.

As long as the device is under warranty, and you have any issues with it after buying or selling it second-hand, you can contact the manufacturer to get your phone repaired for free, if the fault is covered by the warranty.

How can I find out my phone’s warranty?

It has never been so easy, you only need to purchase the Warranty Check from doctorSIM, with the phone’s IMEI (which we can easily get by dialing *#06# on the phone’s dial pad) and by filling-in the requested details!

Can’t find your IMEI? Read this.

For a low price and short delivery time frame we receive the necessary and official information by email.

If you have any doubt regarding the service and the process, you can contact us by email.

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