Help For Ukraine: What We’ve Achieved Thanks To Your Support

help for Ukraine

We cannot stand idly by in the face of the tragedy thousands of innocent families are suffering in Ukraine, so we have set out to send them as much help as we can.

The moment we became aware how terrible this situation is, the entire team of people who make doctorSIM possible decided to set out in order to organize some ideas and see what we could do to send help to Ukraine as immediately as possible.

We have undertaken a series of actions in order to do our part in this situation that is causing so much pain. 

We want to let you know what we have achieved so far thanks to your cooperation.

We’re donating 10% of all net proceeds to help Ukraine

We’re collaborating in sending medical supplies to the Polish-Ukrainian border. Destination: Przemysl, a city where more than 10,000 refugees are welcomed every day. All the collected material will go to St. Padre Pio hospital where they mainly treat women and children who are fleeing the war.

This is what we have already sent with both your help and many more friends’:

  • 10 boxes with 160 liters of 96º alcohol.
  • 144 boxes with 5,760 Paracetamol tablets
  • 4 boxes with 64 bottles of povidone
  • 20 boxes with 4000 dressings
  • 10 boxes with 1000 units of needles and syringes
  • 10 boxes with 400 units of thermal-insulating blankets
  • 10 boxes with 552 meters of adhesive tape
  • 15 boxes with 375 liters of antiseptics
  • 40 boxes of 5,000 sanitary napkins
  • 64 boxes of 6912 diapers
  • 10 boxes with 500 pieces of underwear
  • 250 baby bottles
  • 60 boxes with 48,000 grams of powdered milk

And, of course, that’s not all. Over the following weeks, we will continue to send as much humanitarian aid as we can, financing it with 10% of doctorSIM’s net proceeds.

You will be able to check everything we are sending on our Instagram and our blog, as we will be updating this post every week.

We have removed the service fee for all top ups to Ukraine until further notice

In order to help doctorSIM’s Top Up Service users send money to their friends and family in Ukraine, we will not charge them a Service fee for all top ups to any operator in Ukraine. This one is on us.

In addition, in the coming weeks, we will undertake more actions in collaboration with NGOs to continue to do our bit for this cause. And of course we will also keep you posted about this. 

All thanks to your support

From here, we’d like to thank all the people who have helped us launch these actions, from doctorSIM’s employees and customers to people outside the company, who have thrown themselves into supporting us in this cause.

No to war. No to the suffering of innocent people.

With every recharge, unlock or check you are contributing to doctorSIM’s support to Ukraine. Every little bit counts. 

Thank you. 💙


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